Stop National’s tax raid on your holidays and takeaways
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a Holiday Tax
hiking the prices of a weekend away with Bookabach and Airbnb 
a Ride-Share Tax
making your commute with Uber or Ola more expensive 
a Takeaway Tax
ramping up the cost of your Friday night Uber Eats and Delivereasy

This new tax comes at a time when New Zealanders can least afford it. With Government officials themselves predicting that the whole tax will be passed on to customers, that means you could be paying 15% more every time you order a takeaway, rideshare or trip away. They’re trying to present this as a tax on tech, but even their own figures show that it's a tax on you.


Big firms already pay GST – this new tax is coming for casual uber drivers, grandmothers renting out the spare bedroom or families letting out the bach for the weekend. With the average mum-and-dad service provider bringing in about $5-10k a year, hitting them with a new tax could simply make it not worth it and leave consumers with less choice and higher prices. The mess of red tape this tax creates for tech companies risks forcing them to pull out of New Zealand or reduce the range of services offered. People use these platforms to make ends meet, but thanks to this new tax that’s not going to be possible for many after April 1st.


National promised tax relief for Kiwi battlers. What they’re offering is a financial carousel, giving to working people with one hand and taking from working people with the other. In the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, this money-go-round is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. And it certainly won’t help you balance the books at the end of the week.



Email Finance Minister Nicola Willis and ask her to Scrap the App Tax.